Lee con Ángel and ESGI: Where Technology and Best Practices Meet

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” That’s how Lee con Ángel got its start. Bilingual teachers are painfully aware that there are more resources in English for children than there are in Spanish, but we don’t want to accept that. “We need an online program that helps kids develop literacy skills in Spanish!” said Bette Kish and Lori Morris, two Bilingual teachers from the Houston, Texas area who created Lee con Ángel.

The online program started as songs and games. Later, stories and comprehension questions were written in Spanish. Soon Lee con Ángel, the app for iPads and a web version for desktops were ready for bilingual classrooms.

Dual Language teachers started using this supplemental program in their classrooms. It works!! Everywhere children are using Lee con Ángel, teachers report their students making excellent progress. Reading gains, language development, verbalization…light bulbs are going on everywhere! Special needs children jump with excitement when playing the interactive games. First graders donned with earphones sing along with the songs, completely engaged in the content of the program. Timid, non-verbal Kindergartners begin to communicate and read along with Ángel as their guide. This is the kind of progress every teacher dreams about for their young ELLs.

Not surprisingly, Lee con Ángel has been caught up in the process of proving research regarding language acquisition and Bi-literacy. For decades, bilingual teachers have known the research.

What a student learns in one language is transferred and applied to the second language. As teachers, we also know from experience, that as one learns a second language, the first language is strengthened. This usually was the case for bilingual students learning English as a second language. Now, we have students learning Spanish as a second language with Lee con Ángel. The same premise applies, only now the languages are reversed!

How exciting to see all children of any race or ethnicity learning Spanish as a second language and developing Bi-literacy or multi-literacy in the process!

ESGI has played a crucial role in this journey because it hosts the digit versions of Lee con Ángel tests. Teachers who use ESGI Software for assessment purposes have the best of the digital age. Teachers we have met use ESGI for parent reports, report cards, RtI data disaggregation, test-item analysis to create small groups, and classroom management. Combine ESGI with Lee con Ángel in the classroom and you have a winning combination!

Lee con Ángel can be used for teaching:

  • Spanish concepts of print in mini-lesson format
  • comprehension practice (similar to standardized online tests)
  • fluency-building stories that help students jump levels of reading
  • interactive games to develop phonemic awareness
  • original songs that bring all the sounds of the Spanish language to life

Suddenly the classroom has become a place where students work independently to gather and practice skills, while teachers work with smaller groups to pinpoint specific skills.

Kishmorr Productions, LLC has completed one successful pilot in a Dual Language Program within a suburban school district near Houston, Texas. View the white paper HERE.

This data was collected using ESGI making the process painless, quick, efficient and the data so easy to analyze. All thanks to the user-friendliness of this software. The second pilot is underway in another school district near the border of Mexico-Texas. ESGI is playing a vital role in the collection of this data. We are eager to share the results of how well students learn to read using tests that are already on the ESGI software that coordinate with Lee con Ángel. In the future, we expect to show how skills are strengthened in the first language as the students develop literacy in Spanish using Lee con Ángel. Having so many tests in ESGI allows teachers to add to their ‘tool bag’ of instructional strategies. We know that the future is bright for students learning to read in Spanish. It’s even brighter for teachers who use ESGI Software and Lee con Ángel in the classroom!

Interested in becoming part of the Bi-literacy movement? CHECK OUT: www.sealofbiliteracy.org

Get your free trial to Lee con Ángel by emailing: contact@kishmorrproductions.com

Research mentioned: Collier, V. & Thomas, W. (2004). The astounding effectiveness of dual language education for all. NABE Journal of Research and Practice, 2(1).
Cummins, J. (1996). Negotiating identities: Education for empowerment in a diverse society. (Ontario, CA: California Association for Bilingual Education).

Apreciamos Maestros

We do appreciate teachers and are reminded to say so on National Teacher Appreciation Day.  However, it is the Bilingual ones, the ones who have to think, plan, speak, write and prepare in two languages that are near and dear to our hearts.  Thank you…Gracias….Merci!

We can relate to the times when you have to be so much to so many and still try to leave some for yourself.  Look into the eye of most teachers and that tired, guarded glint is there.  It is trying to balance everything and stay on their toes.

We salute you- we appreciate you- we support you and feel that you are the unsung heroes of education. Not because you do so much more, Coaches are dedicated too, so many teachers are doing such great work, but the Bilingual and Dual Language teachers are truly keeping a culture  alive by speaking two languages.

Nosotros apoyamos y apreciamos a ustedes los maestros y maestras de estudiantes aprendiendo en dos lenguas…¡Viva BI-Literacy!

Learn to read Spanish with Lee con Ángel

As we start 2016, it is easy to be excited about the future and look forward to all the new people we will meet, things we plan to do, and children we hope to help. Yet it is important to reflect on what we have learned since the last post.

The honeymoon is over with the program, the business is not in an infancy any longer. Now what? We move into a phase of proving that the vision we had at the onset is still valid. It still holds water. We want to help children to learn to read in Spanish. Lee con Ángel has done that for 2 years now. We have seen children’s lives improved. Kids are coming out of their ‘shells’ because they are engaged with the songs, stories and games. They are learning!

More teachers are hearing about the app and we hope they get it into their classrooms. Two years ago we had a developer convince us that we needed in-app purchases, that slowed down our business. It was a handicap. Technology advanced faster than that guy got out of our lives, and in-app purchases are no longer necessary.

Now we have the entire program in one bundle, and are good to go. Find us in the iTunes store, get the app for the ‘angels’ in your life, make 2016 the year for learning Spanish! We can help!

Attached is the white paper we have now which explains all the details of our success in 2015. Check it out and pass on the word to any “Hispanohablante”. Lee con Ángel is a viable, successful program that hopes to make a difference in the lives of children learning to read.


Kids learn to read with Lee con Ángel

2014 was a very busy year!  We attended 8 conferences, met hundreds of teachers who love Lee con Ángel.  From January – May, 2015 we piloted our program in a Dual Language program with Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children.  We are tabulating the results and it looks great!

Visit our YouTube Channel at the following link to see a powerful testimony about the success Lee con Ángel in her classroom:            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sB5yIS9GN8

Stay tuned for more information!  The 2015-16 school year will be very exciting!

Guatemala Trip

Caminando Por La Paz es una organización Católica fundado hace 11 años en Honduras por el Padre Thomas Goekler, quien es Misionero de la Sociedad Católica de América para las Misiones Extranjeras, Maryknoll. Caminando por la Paz, es un programa que surge para dar solución a muchos problemas y fenómenos sociales.  La misión del programa es para transmitir lo que es Caminando por la Paz, para  impulsar la acción colectiva para enfrentar la problemática de la pobreza que enfrenta en ambas comunidades, Honduras y Guatemala,  a través de la canalización de capacidades y educación hacia el servicio social. Los Misioneros en Guatemala continúen su servicio en memoria del Padre Tomas Goekler.